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Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam has announced a list of Tea Party supporters. Tom Humphrey reports that Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey made a similar announcement last week. Here is the Haslam press release:

Republican gubernatorial candidate and Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam today announced a series of endorsements from Tea Party leaders who said his proven record of conservative fiscal leadership made Haslam the candidate they were looking for as the next Governor of Tennessee.

Grassroots activists across the state have been drawn to Mayor Haslam because of his conservative record, real-world business experience and belief that government should be limited and accountable to the people.

“Bill Haslam has shown the residents of Knoxville that he’s committed to the same principles I am as a Tea Party member: limited government and reduced spending,” said Cathy Farmer, a Madison County Tea Party member. “I want leaders who can grasp the basic principle of responsible, limited government, something our leaders in Washington can’t seem to understand.”

“I’m supporting Bill Haslam because he’s a man of integrity with a proven record of making the tough calls, such as reducing spending, saving money and downsizing government, that Washington can’t seem to make,” said Mike Smiley, a Williamson County Tea Party activist.

“As a resident of Grainger County, I’ve been able to watch Bill Haslam’s leadership from a close distance, and I was extremely proud to represent him at the Tea Party Convention in Gatlinburg,” said Bob Fearnside, a Tea Party activist. “His career achievements – reducing the city’s debt by 25 percent, the lowest property tax rates in more than 50 years, spending less and reducing the number of city employees to the lowest total in 15 years – are exactly in line with the Tea Party movement.”

“Bill Haslam is the best candidate for Tennessee’s next governor because he understands that any tax money isn’t his; it’s ours,” said Debbie Moody, Tipton County Tea Party activist. “We need leaders that have a track record of backing up their statements with good, solid conservative actions. Bill Haslam is that kind of leader.”

“Any time citizens organize to keep government accountable, I think that’s a good thing,” Haslam said. “I’m grateful for the endorsements of these community leaders because I’m committed to conservative governing principles, and this group of individuals brings great energy to the campaign.”

Tea Party for Haslam Coalition and their Grand Division location:

Jim Weresuk (Middle)
Bob Fearnside (East)
Suzanne Fearnside (East)
Dr. James Fjerstad (East)
Sandra Fjerstad (East)
Pat Patton (East)
Mary Ellen Patton (East)
Mike Smiley (Middle)
Cathy Farmer (West)
Debbie Moody (West)
Roger Staton (West)
Doug Northam (Middle)
Carol Sletto (Middle)
Michelle McDaniel (West)
Catherine Ross (Middle)
Cecil van Winkle (Middle)
Brandon Cherry (Middle)
Steve Hawlik (Middle)
Sarah Caporale (Middle)
James McCalister (Middle)

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Deputy Speaker of the Senate endorses Speaker of the Senate

Tennessee Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey said he welcomes an endorsement by Sen. Bill Ketron in the GOP gubernatorial primary:

“I’ve known Senator Ketron for a long time and I’ve been able to rely heavily on him when it comes to presiding over the Senate and our rock-solid Republican majority held there. Through the years, Bill has been by my side helping me every step of the way on vital issues like illegal immigration and fighting the state income tax. Bill’s values are rooted in service, and I am truly blessed to be able to call him my friend and enjoy his support in this race for Governor.”

A resident of Murfreesboro and a State Senator since 2002, Bill Ketron serves as chairman of the Senate State and Local Government Committee and a Member of the Senate Education and Commerce committees. He also serves as Chairman of the Fiscal Review Committee.

Ketron had been said to be considering a run for the U.S. House of Representatives in Tennessee’s Sixth District, where Congressman Bart Gordon is stepping down, but later announced his intentions to stay in the state Senate. Two other Republican state Senators—Diane Black and Jim Tracy—are pursuing the open U.S. House seat, along with several other candidates.

(H/T: Post Politics)

Leave your guns at home, Bill

Jenci Spradlin, a Zach Wamp supporter, comes out with both barrels blazing at Bill Haslam’s record on gun rights and restrictions.

If Mayor Haslam joined the [Mayors Against Illegal Guns] group without doing his homework on the beliefs of the group’s founders, Bloomberg and Menino, then what does this say about the possible hap-hazard way he will approach decisions as Governor? If he did do his homework, can we assume that he shared the same values as Bloomberg and Menino? At what point during Haslam’s three-year association with MAIG did he believe they ventured into areas where he disagreed? Should we not consider it an “inconvenient truth” that he both resigned from MAIG and joined the NRA around the same time he announced his candidacy for Governor? Can he explain his disregard during his membership in MAIG for organizations that expressed grave concerns about the group’s direction?

Democratic governor endorses lone Democratic candidate for governor

Mike McWherter announced the expected today:

Today, before a standing room-only crowd of supporters at Swett’s Restaurant in Nashville, Governor Phil Bredesen officially announced his endorsement of Jackson businessman Mike McWherter to succeed him as Tennessee’s next governor.

“I have spent the past eight years working to make Tennessee a better place to raise a family and operate a business, and I believe Mike McWherter is the candidate best suited to build on this foundation,” said Governor Phil Bredesen. “Mike’s background as a small business owner gives him the personal perspective and experience he needs to move our state forward, particularly during these tough economic times. He understands what it takes to make a payroll, to provide health insurance to working families and to create new jobs from scratch. I believe Mike is the most qualified candidate in this race and I look forward helping him win in November.”

“When Governor Bredesen took the oath of office, Tennessee was on the verge of bankruptcy, and because of his steady judgment, willingness to make tough decisions, and commitment to fiscal responsibility, Tennessee weathered that crisis. That took leadership, it took doing the right thing, not the political thing and that’s the kind of governor I will be,” said McWherter. “As I have travelled to all 95 counties, I have seen first-hand how much Tennesseans value Governor Bredesen’s commitment to problem solving rather than folding to the politics of usual. I appreciate and share this style of leadership and as governor I will uphold these principles, putting the best interests of Tennesseans above those of special interests and partisan politics.”

Following the announcement, McWherter rolled up his sleeves and went to work bussing tables and washing dishes at Swett’s as he made another stop on his Mike Works! Tour. The Mike Works! Tour is an initiative launched several weeks ago that provides McWherter the chance to work alongside small business owners and employees across state giving him the opportunity to learn more about the issues and challenges facing working families across Tennessee.

Nashville radio host Steve Gill, appearing on “This Week with Bob Mueller,” says that the Bredesen endorsement is a “kiss of death.” (via Pith in the Wind)