Month: August 2010

Ticket Tweets on 2010-08-31

@PeterBMurphy It should be interesting indeed. Let us know if major news comes out of it. in reply to PeterBMurphy # @jenciTN I get your point, but I am for an independent redistricting commission. Tired of gerrymandering. in reply to

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Ticket Tweets on 2010-08-30

Any tweeps from up LaFollette way with the lowdown on why Rep. Chad Faulkner was primaried by and lost to Powers, holla. #tnhouse36 #GOP #fb # @tim_knight just curiosity about why Powers was able to knock out an incumbent Rep.,

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Or I’ll huff and I’ll post and I’ll blog your House race

Even though it will be interesting to see where the time comes from, I will soon be blogging about elections and politics on three sites: here, Chattarati, and… I have accepted an opportunity to be a “citizen journalist” for the

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Democrats and Republicans eyeing state House majority

You might not hear as much about it, but the campaign for the Tennessee House of Representatives is every bit as embattled as the one for its federal counterpart. After the 2008 election, the Republican Party held an historic majority,

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Ticket Tweets on 2010-08-29

@Kleinheider I think that signals "it's in the bag. I can do this in my sleep." in reply to Kleinheider # Stuart James looks at the legal questions surrounding the Chattanooga recall efforts: #CHA #recall #fb # Powered by

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