Or I’ll huff and I’ll post and I’ll blog your House race

Even though it will be interesting to see where the time comes from, I will soon be blogging about elections and politics on three sites: here, Chattarati, and…

I have accepted an opportunity to be a “citizen journalist” for the Huffington Post, more or less with a specific assignment: the battleground race in Tennessee’s Eighth Congressional District. I’ll be writing a weekly roundup on the race and, as my schedule permits, I’ll be attending campaign-related events in the district. (I’ve only been to one spot in the whole territory, not counting driving through on I-40 a couple of times, so my geographical knowledge—what is “Hoots proper” versus “outer Hoots,” and so on—will grow over time.)

The Huffington Post (or, as we call it down at the shop, “HuffPo”) was launched by Arianna Huffington in 2005, and has quickly gained recognition and has received awards as a national leader in online journalism. It was ostensibly conceived as a progressive antidote to conservative sites like Drudge Report, but I want it to be clear that I strive to write from a nonpartisan, neutral perspective, no matter where I log in.

I’ll post more info later this week, like, where exactly on the Internet you’ll be able to find my new blog. I’m excited to be a small part of this important election cycle.

So, to get started, what do you want to see covered?

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4 comments on “Or I’ll huff and I’ll post and I’ll blog your House race
  1. newscoma says:

    Congratulations! That’s an awesome gig, my virtual friend.

  2. smijer says:

    Good job, sir.

  3. R. Neal says:


  4. Jenci says:

    Yippee Joe! Welcome to the 8th brotha! I can be your tour-guide (as long as you don’t mind my talking into a PA system during the tour.)

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