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Ticket Tweets on 2010-12-31

Reporters: “Drop the mechanical notion of objectivity,…[and] substitute fairness — a harder standard to maintain.” # @wlhenry Thank you, sir. All the best to you in 2011-2020. # @Kleinheider Thanks, man. I feel like I left out a lot

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A decade in Tennessee politics: Turning a redder shade of purple

The first decade of the twenty-first century is ending, and though there is no rule that says retrospectives must be timed to coincide neatly with flips of pages in man-made calendars, such is, in practice, when they are written. Following

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Ticket Tweets on 2010-12-31

@PeterBMurphy Suggestions? Amend the Constitution to allow election if vacancy will surpass some length of time? Different succession path? # @PeterBMurphy But only commissioners can officially nominate candidates. 8 or 9 applied, but only these 2 were nominated. # @harrystatel

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Ticket Tweets on 2010-12-30

Good article here, but caution: its combo of intvw subjs may contrib 2 confusion on the mayors of #CHA and #HamCoTN # Powered by Twitter Tools

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Ticket Tweets on 2010-12-28

@TNcitizen I like the handle. # @DWhisenhunt I guess readers will decide 4 themselves, but (respectfully) I don't find substance in the Boyd/Carter story. Appreciate 'cha. # @Kleinheider Quick: cancel my order for "Corker 2016" bumper stickers. # @thismachinekill @DWhisenhunt

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