Ticket Tweets on 2011-01-05

  • .@DWhisenhunt and @thismachinekill and @janabarnello are tweeting from the #HamCoTN mayor appointment forum. Nice to have multi perspectives #
  • @DWhisenhunt The annexation limits were set over ten years ago, by a combo of state Leg and all 10 county/municipal govts. #
  • I can't hear the @TNDP debate on #ustream Help? No audio is coming through. I can see the video. #
  • @jrlind :) #
  • @newscoma Thank you! Just joined call. #
  • @StacyNunnally I'm on the site, but listening via phone #
  • @newscoma Those are *Windows* sounds marking the joiners/leavers. Ugh. 😉 @LeftWingCracker #
  • Chip Forrester is sticking to larger national issues rather than focusing on Dems in TN #
  • Matt Kuhn calling for homegrown fundraising to combat out-of-state special interest money #
  • @cpiper No idea. Debate is among Forrester, Kuhn, Munday #
  • #TNDP Q: How to bring unity to the various Dem factions? Munday acknowledges "we are the minority party" – needs constant leader and message #
  • Forrester says communication is key to unity. Refs Gore, Clinton, HaFo, Bredesen keynoting as signs of unity. #
  • Kuhn: families squabble, agrees on communication to "each family member" #
  • Kuhn: "West End (Nashville) Democrats need Blue Dogs" #
  • Munday says TN Dems should "berate" Republicans on jobs, environment; less so (but still) on healthcare, mental health #
  • Kuhn stresses he has a 10-year plan to rebuild TN Democratic Party. #
  • Forrester references '07 Obama playbook, tools – says party is "halfway there" but needs to continue training #
  • @newscoma Dang, I missed the chatroom! But I'm trying to watch a local debate on Twitter whilst paying some attention to the #TNDP one. #
  • Kuhn says county party chairs are a good resource for finding who the next party leaders and candidates are. #
  • TN Democratic followers: if you were on the SEC, for whom would you vote for chair? DM if you don't want to say out loud or are on SEC. #fb #
  • Munday asks Kuhn about his plan for #TNS18 Kuhn responds "also a spec election in #TNH98 quot; (but all candidates are Dems in the latter) #
  • Spelling should be "Freedmen's Bureau" and what is a "U.S. Marine Civilian"? RT @thismachinekill: @janabarnello http://yfrog.com/h8wybyj #
  • .@Sean_Braisted covered the #TNDP chair debate live: http://bit.ly/epWehY #
  • TFP's Andy Sher profiles presumptive House Speaker Beth Harwell: http://bit.ly/eQvoj6 #tnpolitics #TNHouse #fb #
  • ICYMI: If you live in Robertson or Sumner Co (#TNS18) & are GOP; or in Raleigh/Frayser/No Memphis (#TNH98) & are Dem, early voting 2day-15th #
  • @Sean_Braisted It was writtn on the blog yesterday. 😉 But I see your point. Also found Kuhn's diversion to #TNH98 odd, as there r *only* Ds #
  • @Sean_Braisted Just giving you a hard time, man. You shouldn't have had to learn it from TnTicket either. :) #
  • Must-read editorial by @itypewords (David Morton) on missteps in the Hamilton County mayoral appointment process: http://bit.ly/fuZlJE #fb #
  • Is Gordon Ball still in the race for @TNDP Chair? #
  • Would hope that states would move away from winner-take-all Electoral College system, not toward it. Not saying that CD Method is best, tho. #
  • @Kleinheider Random question: did Bredesen, as a fmr mayor, pick as many fellow mayors as Haslam has? #

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