Fleischmann seeks citizen input on debt ceiling debate

U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann on Tuesday sent an email to constituents asking for their input, via an automated survey, on the federal debt ceiling debate. The introductory paragraph:

The vote on raising the debt ceiling is drawing near. As I consider the deal(s) put forth by the House, Senate and White House I need to know where my constituents stand. Please take a few moments to answer the question below so I can cast my vote in a manner that best represents my constituents.

This was followed by the question “Should the debt ceiling be raised?”

The available responses were “Yes,” “No,” “Only with a Balanced Budget Amendment and significant budget cuts,” and “Undecided.”

If survey results are made available, they will be posted here.

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One comment on “Fleischmann seeks citizen input on debt ceiling debate
  1. Sherri Beal says:

    Yes the debt ceiling should be raised.