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Meet the Senate District 6 candidates

The Metro Pulse this week published a trio of articles as part of its coverage of the special election in the 6th Senate District. Brief profiles of each candidate Interviews with the candidates The candidates on the issues

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Knox race at sixes and sevens over residency issue (updated)

Knox County Democratic Party chair Gloria Johnson announced her candidacy for the Senate District 6 race, and almost immediately fell into a swirl of controversy over her eligibility to hold the seat. Records published by the Knox County Election Commission

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Democrat joins Senate District 6 race

Knox County Democratic Party chair Gloria Johnson has decided to enter the special election for the Sixth Senate District seat vacated last month by former Sen. Jamie Woodson. Three Republican candidates are running in their party’s primary. Victoria DeFreese, Becky

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Fleischmann votes against debt ceiling deal

The press release follows: WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Chuck Fleischmann voted against The Budget Control Act of 2011. “I applaud Speaker Boehner, and our entire leadership team, for bringing a strong Conservative voice to the negotiating table. They were faced

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A TN-03 taxonomy

My, how time flies. Two years ago this month, a new blog was added to called, simply enough, the “TN03 Election Blog.” Its solitary purpose: to track the candidates and issues in the election of a new U.S. Representative

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