Lenard Senard

While reading about the recent Anderson County Republican straw poll this week, I came across a new-to-me candidate in the U.S. Senate race. Her name is Brenda Lenard and she is a Ph.D. candidate at UT-Knoxville. She is running in the GOP primary. I have added her to the voter guide page.

So far, that makes 5 Republicans, 0 Democrats, and 0 independent/other party candidates in this race. I guess by the winter holidays we might know whether Sen. Roy Herron, former U.S. Rep. Lincoln Davis, or someone else (Kyle, Tanner?) will join the race on the Democratic side.

This is not to dissuade anyone from running, but just a gentle reminder of the playing field: incumbent U.S. Sen. Bob Corker so far has raised over ten million dollars.

Howard-Hill lambastes Fleischmann for fundraiser

Edward Lewis: I never treated you like a prostitute.
[Walks away]
Vivian: You just did.

Dr. Jean Howard-Hill today lashed out at campaign rival U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann over his Chattanooga fundraiser with U.S. House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio).

Congress is not a whore that you pay to have your way with her. She is a sacred institution, established for and by the people by the U.S. Constitution for the purposes of making, changing, and repealing laws that are essential to the well-being of our citizens and our nation. It is a body entrusted with oversight and public education responsibilities. She is no whore and should not be treated this way.

I find it reprehensible that Congressman Fleischmann, at a time when there are people out of work with an unemployment rate of 9.7 for Tennessee, 9.2 for Chattanooga and an average of 9.1 nationally would flaunt this kind of ‘wealthy only’ event before working people trying to make ends meet – and to do it in broad day light in their own front yard!

Later in the press release, Howard-Hill came closer to calling Fleischmann and Boehner themselves members of the world’s oldest profession, though the intent is not exactly clear. Referring to the fundraiser’s levels of access to the guest of honor that increase with the donation amount, she said “Now if this is not prostitution, I don’t know what is. It is the very thing that is wrong with Washinton [sic], D.C. and politicians. Bigger than life politicians who would prostitute even themselves for the money.”

Howard-Hill’s presser states one thing quite directly, though: “There will be no whores if I am elected.”

The Fleischmann campaign declined to comment on this story. Fellow Third District GOP primary contender Weston Wamp’s campaign was also contacted but did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The fundraiser will be held Thursday night, October 27, at the Walden Club, a members-only establishment on the top floor of Chattanooga’s tallest downtown building.

Happy Blogger Appreciation Day

“Hallo, Eeyore.”
“Same to you, Pooh Bear, and twice on Thursdays,” said
Eeyore gloomily.
Before Pooh could say: “Why Thursdays?” Christopher
Robin began to explain the sad story of Eeyore’s Lost House.

I’m finally getting ’round to fixing-up my Google Reader for this election cycle, and, along with the alerts, I’m reconnecting to my old Bloglines list (which has since been imported into a Google account) and adding those feeds that are still active to TnTicket’s Google account. TMI, I know, but the main point here is that I’m suddenly aware of the power that still exists in creating and maintaining one’s very own web log (and, to be fair, in participating in a multi-author site). While some of our old favorites are long gone, others are “thriving and reviving.”

So in a rather pathetic fit of spontaneity I have declared today, 27 October 2011, as my very own Blogger Appreciation Day. If you are reading this, and you blog, then consider yourself mighty appreciated.

Arthur: It must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays.