Susan Lynn: I can see my house from my old district

Former Rep. Susan Lynn likely will not be running for her old House seat following the recent redistricting. Lynn posted on Facebook a detailed close-up of the new district boundary between Districts 46 and 57, illustrating that her home is now just on the other side of the border in the 46th.

In 2010, Lynn unsuccessfully ran for the GOP nomination to serve in the state Senate in District 17. She was defeated by incumbent Sen. Mae Beavers. A little history from the Nashville Scene:

Beavers intended to leave the Senate [that] year and was running for Wilson County mayor. That prompted the ambitious Lynn to start campaigning for Beavers’ seat. But then the senator’s anointed successor, furniture-store owner A.J. McCall, withdrew from the race, giving Lynn a clear shot. Suddenly, Beavers reversed course and decided to run for re-election after all rather than watch Lynn move up from the House. The stunned Lynn refused to back out, pitting the two of them in the Republican primary from hell.

The 57th House District, where Lynn served before running for Senate, is currently represented by Rep. Linda Elam. The 46th, where she now resides, is held by Rep. Mark Pody.

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