Breaking: the GOP establishment has been located

Well, sort of, maybe. A Mitt Romney supporter breaks down the Republican Party’s various power factions and concludes that there is no such thing.

In fact, one only needs to look at how heavily Mitch Daniels, Chris Christie and, to a certain extent, Haley Barbour and Jeb Bush were courted at the beginning of the process to know that there has not been a full-court press from some monolithic “Establishment” trying to force GOP primary voters to accept Romney as inevitable. Decent money got behind Tim Pawlenty and Rick Perry before they left the race as well. In Perry’s case, powerful leaders in the party backed him. Would that have happened if a single powerful cabal of party insiders were calling the shots? I don’t think so.

Let’s also not forget that 4 short years ago we were arguing whether or not Romney or Huckabee should be the anti-establishment pick against John McCain!

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