Month: March 2012

Americans Elect to seek ballot access in Tennessee

The group that is seeking to offer a third, nonpartisan/bipartisan choice in all 50 states for the 2012 presidential election will file its petition tomorrow to be listed on Tennessee ballots. A partial press release follows: On Thursday morning, Americans

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More on the unrest in the Hawks’ nest

Rep. David Hawk pleaded not guilty to the assault charge following his arrest on a domestic violence complaint. — AP Hawk’s wife said she was holding their 11-month-old daughter when she was struck. — Hawk is resigning his House

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State plans appeal of minor party ruling, seeks stay

UPDATE: The stay is denied. (Original post follows)

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House lawmaker jailed on domestic violence charge

Rep. David Hawk, a Republican serving his 5th term in the Tennessee House of Representatives, is in the Greene County Jail following an arrest for domestic violence. Click here for the report from

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Aw, sweet home

Birmingham blogger extraordinaire Wade Kwon has your sample ballots for Alabama’s primary vote on Tuesday, March 13.

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