Constitution convention

Surely you know that the Republican National Convention will take place in Tampa, and the Democratic National Convention will be in Charlotte; but did you know that there is a national political convention here in Tennessee, and that it’s happening now?

Thanks to a heads-up from a longtime friend in the blogosphere, now you do. The Constitution Party is holding its convention in Nashville. (Personal aside: the apparent frontrunner for the nomination formerly represented the congressional district where I spent my childhood, and earlier was a state senator—and a Democrat).

Former Congressman Virgil Goode is widely considered the front-runner for the top spot on the ticket, though it’s unclear at this moment who will serve as his running mate. Former Savannah State football coach Robby Wells is also seeking the party’s nomination.

Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, it’s not too late to defect and join this ticket. Think about it: “Goode & Pawlenty 2012” has a certain sweetness to it.

The Constitution Party of Tennessee, which is the state-level affiliate, won ballot access (along with the Green Party of Tennessee) in a recent federal court ruling, although officials for the State of Tennessee have appealed the judgement. It is therefore undetermined whether the Constitution Party’s nominees for president will appear with the party label beside them, but as of right now they would.

To my knowledge, there are no state legislative or congressional candidates running as Constitution Party candidates in Tennessee.

(Updated to add paragraph 4.)

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