Month: June 2012

Pols react to Supreme Court ruling on healthcare law

Gov. Bill Haslam: We will review the entire Supreme Court’s opinion to fully understand its impact on the State of Tennessee. From initial reports, it appears the individual mandate has been ruled Constitutional and has been upheld. My primary issues

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This is what you call getting your feet wet in politics

Rep. Frank Nicely posted the below picture on his Facebook page, and, with his express permission, I am sharing it with you. Nicely is running for the District 8 Senate seat being vacated by Sen. Mike Faulk, and faces 3

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Tennessee students achieve academic growth

Like many, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the results of this year’s Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP); but remember, schools that consistently perform very well can get dinged on “value-added” measurements simply because there’s not much room to go up. It’s

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Candidate forum for Hamilton County Sessions Court Division 5 election

As I often say, to the agony of everyone else: forum, or against ’em, you be the judge. The Chattanooga Times Free Press reports that it is co-sponsoring with the Chattanooga Bar Association a forum featuring the candidates running in

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One of the real socialists running for President

President Barack Obama, former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney. Barack Obama. Mitt Romney. Obama. Romney. Obamnnnnnnotgonnagothere. Looking for something different? Leaving aside (but only for the moment) former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, here’s a candidate running for the Oval Office

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