Month: July 2012

Introducing the all-new August 2012 Voter Guide

Since 2006, when another blogger and I collaborated to bring you “Battle for the General Assembly” (a guide to that year’s state legislative races), this site has sought ways to pool resources in an effort to bring you the most

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Not married to the party, just Dayton

WRCB’s Jonquil Newland on Monday reported that there is either a coordinated crossover conspiracy in Rhea County’s state House election, or there is a coordinated effort by election workers to zealously thwart what they perceive as a stealth crossover plan.

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A little trouble in Big Shelby

The news reports out of Memphis and its surrounding area have gotten progressively worse since early voting started on Friday. Voters have recounted several problems at the polls. The latest account is confessed by a self-described West Tennessee Liberal, and

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A grave mistake?

The Chattanooga Times Free Press reports that the Weston Wamp campaign was asked to take down a campaign ad by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs because it contained unauthorized footage of the Chattanooga National Cemetery. The same ad, titled

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It’s a tad easier being Green

For the first* time in recent memory (1968, if I read my history right**), voters in some Tennessee legislative districts will see a party label next to candidates’ names other than (DEM) or (REP). Over objections from attorneys for the

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