Quick updates

What do you know? They’re acting like they’re having an actual congressional race in the 9th District Memphis. (HT: @Kontji)

The Green Party often attracts self-described progressive Democrats. And about as often, it seems, they return whence they came. (HT: NPP)

Blogging is dead. Long live blogging! There is a new conservative voice on the scene, subtitled “Political Commentary from Fly-Over Country.” Oscar Brock is a Republican State Executive Committee member and served as former party chair Robin Smith’s congressional campaign treasurer in 2010. He is also a regional coordinator for the Romney/Ryan campaign.

Will the joke that keeps on giving, start taking away? Opinions vary on how offensive the joke actually is, but most agree that it was a stupid move on Paul Smith’s part to include it on an official meeting agenda. The Chattanooga Times editorial page is as incredulous as I am about any connection between printing the joke and comments made previously by U.S. Rep. Todd Akin about rape. What??

The list of candidates for Chattanooga City Council keeps growing. It’s still very quiet over here in my part of town, though.

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