Quick clicks for Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Voter registration is up, but the jaded view says that will just push turnout percentage downward. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

Don’t forget the candidate meet-and-greet and forum this evening at Eastgate Town Center. It’s not clear exactly how many candidates will be there to participate in the forum.

It’s a sabotage! Some local Democrats are boycotting the annual Kefauver Dinner, which is scheduled for next week.

In state Democratic Party news, there is a move afoot to allow the party chair, at the request of a county party, to remove a candidate from the ballot who is not deemed “bona fide.” This is in response to the “accidental” nomination of Mark Clayton as the party’s U.S. Senate candidate.

Meanwhile, Clayton has put some ads online.

Very few of Tennessee’s legislative districts will have strongly contested races this election cycle. One of them, perhaps, is Senate District 22, where incumbent Sen. Tim Barnes is under attack by Republicans for sending mail to his constituents using taxpayer funds. Dr. Mark Green is the GOP candidate.

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