I got 99 problems plus 17 and a whole lot more

Hollar, Lollar.

I have finished building the basic voter guide page for the 2014 election in the 99-seat Tennessee House of Representatives. Before you pat me on the back, please reach for your local newspaper (or, you know, smartphone) and start scouring the media for news about these races: who’s running (and, among incumbents, who’s not); what their websites and social media accounts are; what the main issues are in their districts; who’s primarily funding them; and so on.

You are my eyes and ears around the state, in the cities and in the small towns. Were I able to clone myself and stay with my family and my job, and send my copy crisscrossing the state to poke around in local diners, barber shops, and honky-tonks for the insider tips, I would—and I know my clone would absolutely love it. But instead, you can wear the fedora and carry the notebook, and just send me a telegraph or three.

While you’re at it, you can do the same favor for me about the Tennessee Senate page, the U.S. House and U.S. Senate pages, and, if you’re in or around Chattanooga, the Hamilton County page.

These voter guides are meant to help with the critical complement to increased voter registration and turnout: that is, a more informed electorate. Thanks in advance for your kind assistance.

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