House District 91 Democratic Party primary preview

The special election for the Tennessee House of Representatives 91st District drew an unusually rich slate of Democratic Party hopefuls, says Jackson Baker, who delights in an apparent lack of “slackers or fakers or opportunists.”

Bill Dries also encapsulated the candidates’ recent joint appearance before voters.

At the close of early voting last week, the tally stood at 671 ballots cast—out of a possible 32,960. On Tuesday, Oct. 8, the polls open to complete the primary election.

Precincts sure will be crowded in order to accommodate the remaining 30,000 or so voters. (Hey, it could happen. Probably won’t.)

The Democratic Party nominee will be placed into the general election with Libertarian Party candidate Jim Tomasik (listed as Independent). That election takes place on Nov. 21.

CLICK HERE to see the list of candidates, and to reach their websites and social media accounts.

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