Minor parties continue to challenge ballot access laws

The Constitution Party of Tennessee and the Green Party of Tennessee have filed suit in federal court to ask that an earlier ruling which gave them a rather tenuous hold on ballot access be upheld; and that other provisions be cast as unconstitutional.

According to Courthouse News Service, the Constitution and Green parties cite the following as needing to be fixed: a requirement for an affidavit forswearing violent overthrows of government (which, by the way, the major parties don’t have to have); the unequal time requirements to meet all the obligations to maintain party recognition status; and the whole thing about having to start all over with the signatures.

The Times News has more.

Meanwhile, the Libertarian Party of Tennessee has a separate court challenge going. The party is suing so that its candidate in the Nov. 21 special election in House District 91, Jim Tomasik, will be recognized as a Libertarian instead of being listed as an Independent on that ballot.

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