For Carr, no news is not necessarily good news

The Gannett news organization last night filed an update on the Republican primary race for U.S. Senate in Tennessee, only there is not much to glean from it in terms of major developments. Basically, Rep. Joe Carr still hopes he will see a cash infusion from Senate Conservatives Fund, Club for Growth, and other Tea Party-friendly groups in Washington, D.C. and elsewhere, so that he will be somewhat more competitive against incumbent U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander.

And those groups continue to rather vaguely keep their distance, even as they maintain their adamant opposition to Alexander’s re-election. There is still time for them to act, to be sure, but the closer we get to the year-end and February 2014 reporting dates, the more nervous Carr’s camp might get. It doesn’t seem likely that he can rely on in-state support alone.

Meanwhile, is another challenger set to emerge? While the article above incorrectly states that Carr is Alexander’s “only announced” GOP rival (just ask Brenda Lenard and Danny Page), it also hints that the conservative PACs are holding out for a different hero.

In what can only be considered obliquely related news, former Williamson County GOP chair Kevin Kookogey will speak on Tuesday to a Constitution Party group in Franklin. Kookogey had at one point been set to square off against Carr in the “Beat Lamar” organization’s vetting process, but then suspended his campaign.

Whatever the case, Carr’s road ahead becomes more difficult to map as time passes without a decision from the outside funding groups.

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