Raumesh Akbari wins House District 91 special election

Ballot access scores symbolic victory

Voters in part of Shelby County went to the polls in a special election that was called after the late Rep. Lois DeBerry passed away. Democratic Party nominee Raumesh Akbari, an attorney, won handily over Jim Tomasik, the Libertarian Party chairman, according to uncertified election results.

This is the first House of Representatives election of which I am aware that featured a Democrat, a Libertarian identified as such on the ballot, and no Republican. The district very heavily favors Democratic candidates.

Tomasik initially had been labeled as Independent, but sued in federal court to receive the Libertarian billing. He lost the election, but some observers would say that today’s election was a win for minor parties in their ongoing quest for ballot recognition.

Akbari will face a re-election bid in 2014, when all 99 seats in the House are up for election.

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