Month: December 2013

Still bloggy after all these years

I’m happy enough to be nearing the eighth ninth! anniversary of this website, but downright giddy to be meeting a few of Tennessee’s eminent bloggers from the salad days for a pint of reminiscence. These are people who put the

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The peace on Christmas?

An exchange of tweets spanning Wednesday night and Thursday morning seem to indicate upcoming bipartisan and bicameral cooperation on a measure that would address the backlog of untested rape kits from investigations in Memphis and across the state. As reported

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Preacher versus Parson for clerk

After evading a potentially major primary battle with school board chairman Mike Evatt, District 7 County Commissioner Larry Henry has picked up another challenger in his bid to become the next Circuit Court Clerk. Ron Parson collected his qualifying petition

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Are you ready to run?

The final episode in the series on how to run for office is online at “Final” is just another way of saying “to be continually refined,” as I want this to be an ongoing conversation, even if it’s on

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Beavers damning flood of warrantless cell phone tracking

Sen. Mae Beavers will introduce a bill after the General Assembly convenes its next session that would require police to obtain a warrant before collecting and searching cell phone location and related records, reports WBIR. Beavers argues that the use

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