Month: January 2014

Wheel turnin’ round and round

My latest column wonders why we see a number of candidates we’ve seen before, and what that means we should do about it.

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Your government on Twitter

I remember a recent municipal controversy having to do with the city manager spending too much time on Facebook. But some level of social media engagement by government officials arguably is beneficial to the public.’s David Morton walks you

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We’re just some bills on Capitol Hill

David Morton has a snapshot of some legislation to watch in this 2014 General Assembly session. Oddly, he doesn’t mention the “Merry Christmas” bill.

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Happy Anniversary, KnoxViews!

Those of you in East Tennessee who like your politics served on left side need no introduction to, but for anyone just joining the conversation, there has been quite a community built over the years on the multi-author site.

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General forebodings

Every Tennessean should consider finding an opportunity to be in the Capitol gallery when the General Assembly is called into session. The experience of hearing the voices rise among the stunning stonework evokes reverence for our history and pride at

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