General forebodings

Every Tennessean should consider finding an opportunity to be in the Capitol gallery when the General Assembly is called into session. The experience of hearing the voices rise among the stunning stonework evokes reverence for our history and pride at being a citizen of the Volunteer State.

Of course much of that dissipates mere moments after the gavel comes down, when our elected (yes) representatives (really?) take up subjects like guns in grocery stores, “say pray, not gay,” the 21 Black Helicopters agenda, and whatnot. But enough of it lingers for me to continue recommending attendance.

Session begins today, Tuesday, January 14, 2014.

If you want to catch the Legislature in action this year, you’d better be quick, as its members cannot raise campaign money while in session—so they’ll be itching to shut that whole thing down as soon as possible.

The Tennessean published a rundown of what is expected on the calendar this year. (WARNING: autoplay video)

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