Vote with confidence and style

Hi there. Do you struggle with overwhelming ballot choices, especially in these years when the eight-year terms come up in addition to all the four-year and two-year offices—not to mention the legalese often found in local ordinance or state constitution changes? Do you just skip a lot of them out of confusion or frustration?

Help is on the way. Unlike published voter guides that bear the bias of a special interest group, editorial page, or political party, a new tool is under development that will let you be in charge of determining the choices that are right for you (just you, nobody else but you).

In order for this to best help you, I need your help too. Early adopters will help shape and refine the finished product for the broader public’s benefit. You want to be an influencer, right? Sign up today to be on the invitation list to try it out first!

I mean, you could just ignore this and let the political gadflies get alarmingly close to seats of power via their bizarre performance art. You could just roll over, go back to sleep, and let the power-structure fat cats smirk through another round.

Or you could literally put control of the future in the palm of your hand and exercise the amazing power of a well-informed voter. It’s up to you.

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