My, you look Marvel-ous

I have been drafting some screens to see how the voter helper app might look. Thanks to some pretty cool technology that didn’t exist years ago when I first had the idea, you can see these sketches as they’d appear on an iPhone, and actually move through them. It’s a bit of a bold step for me to reveal these in this rough a state, but just know that I know how much work there is to do.

Only a few of the “buttons” have been fitted with clickable “hotspots” that take you to another screen. It’s just to get the idea across. If you click somewhere outside of a hotspot, they very faintly light up to show you where they are. The jump from the Candidate Detail page to the State Primary page is not logical; it’s just there to let you see the last two screens. Let me know what you think!

I’m also toying with moving the project to InVision, since there visitors can leave comments and those comments create an instant designer/developer to-do list. But Marvel makes it easier to sync updated images. (Neither supports .sketch files, which would be best for me.)

Enough tech talk. Give me feedback on the concept, the screens, and the flow.

P.S. To those of you who signed up for the sneak preview, this isn’t it. That is still a ways off, and it will be a version of the real thing, not just click-able images. Thanks for your patience, and hopefully this helps give you an idea of what’s coming.

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