A super-confusing Tuesday

Friends, it is finally here. For those of us who have been following this election since twenty(ahemcough)teen, this day, while not as important as the one in November, is way up the list.

But I have a problem. I just don’t know what to do. I’m headed to my polling place later today, and I will be asked which ballot I want. There are issues with picking either one.

I don’t belong to either the Democratic Party or the Republican Party. But as one person with one vote in a public election, I have an obligation to weigh-in on which candidates will, in my humble opinion, do the best job in the offices they seek.

In the Presidential Preference Primary (PPP), each party boasts among its offerings a person I feel quite strongly would be The Wrong Choice as that party’s nominee. Like, dangerously wrong. I could easily justify pulling either ballot in an effort to block one or the other of those, but I have to look down the ballot as well.

It seems ridiculous, but a single county office is elected at a completely different time than all the rest. The Assessor of Property primary elections in Hamilton County feature multiple GOP candidates and only one Democrat. If I get a Democratic ballot in order to strategically vote against someone in the PPP, I don’t get to do much about Assessor of Property (until the general election).

Likewise, there is a Criminal Court Judge seat, for which zero Democrats qualified, but there are, again, several Republicans. It seems like the latter would be the most meaningful ballot to pick; but what if I wanted to vote for, I dunno, Bernie Sanders? After all, he’s pretty much exactly who I want to be when I grow up: a slightly rumpled, crotchety, seventy-something secular Jew. That’s my spirit animal right there.

But if I did that, could I count on the rest of you to do the right things in the Republican primary?


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