Winnow is coming

The Tennessee Republican Party has made changes to criteria that determine whether one is truly a Republican when seeking office.

Under the changed policy, in order for a candidate to be considered a bona fide Republican he or she must have – and this is what was changed – voted in three of the last four statewide Republican primaries. Previously, the number was two of the last four.

Those primaries include the 2016 presidential primary and the August primaries in 2016, 2014 and 2012.

No more can a would-be candidate simply answer “how much do you hate the Romans?” with “a lot.” Nope; not gonna cut it.

Wait — Hold on a SEC

But here’s a detail I need help with. The article (HT Humphrey) introduces vagueness into where the change was made. It’s probably a simple error. I myself erred when emailing the reporter about it, calling Scott Golden the “Executive Director” of the party. He’s chairman, duh.

But Chairman Golden is quoted as saying this: “The change was made at the State Election Commission (were made) to strengthen the standards.”

Snip from my inquiry to Tyler Whetstone: So was the change made by the SEC (State Executive Committee) or the SEC (State Election Commission)? Surely not the SEC (Southeastern Conference).

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