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What is “Tennessee Ticket”? Well, the word “ticket” is a synonym for “ballot.” Although it’s often used in the context of “straight-ticket” or “split-ticket” voting, it is used here to fashion an alliterative title; and it simply means “everything on the ballot in Tennessee.”

Wait. Everything?

Ideally, yes. But I’m only one guy, and maintaining a comprehensive list of every candidate and every initiative on every ballot across the Volunteer State would be more than a full-time job, at least in election years. So, I get as close as I can.

About Joe Lance
I’ve been paying close attention to elections and politics since 1999. In January 2005, after unsuccessfully searching the internet for a blog about local and state elections in Tennessee, I launched one: the Chattanooga-Hamilton Civic Forum, which a year later was re-branded as TennesseeTicket.com.

This led to some wonderful opportunities in other media. I wrote a weekly column for the Chattanooga Pulse from 2006 into 2008. In 2009-10 I served as editor of the TN03 Election blog on Chattarati.com, and continued as a contributor there until its conclusion. I have appeared as a panelist on television/webcast programs produced by the local PBS and NBC affiliates, and I am currently an opinion columnist for Nooga.com.

I very much welcome your suggestions for making this site more useful.

One comment on “About Tennessee Ticket
  1. Joe: Thank you for including our “That’s Bull” video on your site. The companion piece, “That’s No Bull” is now available, too! Please check out the new video at http://www.youtube.com/charleswilliamson51
    The plan from the start was to have both videos. I am a citizen and businessman, not a career politician. We did these with a sense of humor and to share ideas as that same time, not with any intention of creating the usual slick campaign ads. THANK YOU for your consideration!

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