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The peace on Christmas?

An exchange of tweets spanning Wednesday night and Thursday morning seem to indicate upcoming bipartisan and bicameral cooperation on a measure that would address the backlog of untested rape kits from investigations in Memphis and across the state. As reported

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Beavers damning flood of warrantless cell phone tracking

Sen. Mae Beavers will introduce a bill after the General Assembly convenes its next session that would require police to obtain a warrant before collecting and searching cell phone location and related records, reports WBIR. Beavers argues that the use

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4th Avenue shooting punctuates Chattanooga crime study decision

On the same afternoon that the Chattanooga City Council approved funding for a major crime-reduction initiative proposed by Mayor Andy Berke, a shooting on one of the city’s more troubled streets sent a victim to the hospital, where he is

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Berke answers some budget questions

[View the story “Berke answers some budget questions” on Storify]

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Looper found dead in cell

Byron (Low Tax) Looper figured in one of Tennessee’s strangest election stories in memory. Here was an elected county official (albeit not a very good one) who, like many before and since, set his sights on defeating a sitting state

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