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Running for office: All about the Benjamins, Andrews, Abes, and even Georges

In this week’s installment of the “Ready to Run” series, we take a look at dealing with campaign finance. It’s a subject that’s impossible to fit into a digestible column’s length, so if you come away with unanswered questions, please

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The politicization of everything, part 7,964: County election administration

Davidson County voters’ elections will now be administered by Kent Wall, following a 3-2 vote by the local election commission. Wall replaces former administrator Albert Tieche, who was fired in May after a state report detailed problems in the county’s

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Federal court ruling allows Tomasik to run as Libertarian Party candidate

The same judge who in 2012 declared parts of the state’s ballot access laws unconstitutional has issued an injunction requiring the Shelby County Election Commission to list Jim Tomasik as a Libertarian Party candidate in the upcoming House District 91

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More news on judicial (s)election

A Knoxville attorney is suing for the right to run for the Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals, reports Tom Humphrey. Currently appellate judges do not run for office; but the Judicial Nominating Commission, which had handled the pre-selection of judicial

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Tennessee Supreme Court upholds voter ID law

From Ruling on constitutional challenges to the state’s Voter Identification Act by the City of Memphis and two Shelby County voters, the Tennessee Supreme Court has unanimously declined to overturn the act.

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