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Fitz who?

Or, the A-B-C’s of primary voting Of course you and I know who Rep. Craig Fitzhugh is, the banker from Ripley whose tenure in the House of Representatives spans a couple of decades, and who currently serves as House Minority

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Like fantasy football? You’ll love this.

Happy Friday. Today we’re standing right up to statistics giant Nate Silver, who calculates a pretty heavy certainty that Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders won’t win their respective nomination contests. What Sanders and Trump have in common is they’re both

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Tea Party to winnow lone candidate down to arm or leg

I swear you can’t make this stuff up. From the Tellico Turnip: Nashville TENuhsea—Tea Party supporters are just not giving up on their mission to vet multiple candidates, even though they acknowledge only one, State Representative Joe Carr, who has

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Making the point count

Secretary of State Tre Hargett, Elections Coordinator Mark Goins, and their staff have been commemorating National Voter Registration Month on social media by having various celebrities (if I may use the term) pose with a sign: “I’m registered to vote.

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McGary rap elicits confusion, ennui

Opponent response likely From the Tellico Turnip: Senate District 10 candidate Andraé McGary has recorded and released an unaccompanied rap video aimed at reaching younger voters. Reactions by 10th District residents to the video were varied. “It’s catchy, but I

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