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General forebodings

Every Tennessean should consider finding an opportunity to be in the Capitol gallery when the General Assembly is called into session. The experience of hearing the voices rise among the stunning stonework evokes reverence for our history and pride at

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Are you ready to run?

The final episode in the series on how to run for office is online at “Final” is just another way of saying “to be continually refined,” as I want this to be an ongoing conversation, even if it’s on

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Your campaign media punch list

In the latest installment of the “Ready to Run” series, I share some advice culled from a few campaign message veterans plus my own observations on how to, and not to, conduct yourself in the media (social and otherwise) during

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Running for office: All about the Benjamins, Andrews, Abes, and even Georges

In this week’s installment of the “Ready to Run” series, we take a look at dealing with campaign finance. It’s a subject that’s impossible to fit into a digestible column’s length, so if you come away with unanswered questions, please

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The dates, initial forms, and team you need in your run for office

The fourth of seven is online. I’m really hopeful that a few of you take this matter to heart and decide to act. Now that qualifying has begun (for county primary elections), I’m watching for new names to show up

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