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Vote, Tennessee!

Don’t forget or abandon your privileged duty today. A few resources for finding out where to vote and who’s running: – Great new site from the Tennessee Secretary of State. Use the web app or download a mobile app

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Good, let’s debate

The 25th Senate District seat has an atypically high number of higher-profile contenders for its GOP primary election. Rep. Joshua G. Evans, former Sen. Kerry Roberts, Sen. Jim Summerville, and Wayne White want to be the nominee. These candidates will

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Supreme vote of confidence, or a game of chance(ry)

One of the most important local elections almost no one ever talks about is the Chancellor post. As an attorney friend (oxymoron? heh!) recently put it, the person who serves as chancellor becomes extremely important to you the instant your

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Gawrys explains

If you, like me, were wondering why activist Steve Gawrys chose to challenge incumbent Rep. Charles Sargent in the GOP primary for the 61st House District, you could have listened to the Ralph Bristol show on 99.7 WTN Nashville. But

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It’s official; we have a governor’s race

If a tree gets re-elected in a forest with no one running against it, does it make so much as a ripple on the public’s sonar? Well never fear, dear Tennesseans; now hear this. Gov. Bill Haslam may have dodged

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