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Good, let’s debate

The 25th Senate District seat has an atypically high number of higher-profile contenders for its GOP primary election. Rep. Joshua G. Evans, former Sen. Kerry Roberts, Sen. Jim Summerville, and Wayne White want to be the nominee. These candidates will

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Gawrys explains

If you, like me, were wondering why activist Steve Gawrys chose to challenge incumbent Rep. Charles Sargent in the GOP primary for the 61st House District, you could have listened to the Ralph Bristol show on 99.7 WTN Nashville. But

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Northeast Tennessee primary challengers make it official

It’s not exactly breaking news, but it’s now official that two incumbent House members in Upper East Tennessee (Far East Tennessee? What’s the preferred nomenclature?) will see challenges in next year’s Republican primary. Clayton Stout is running against freshman Rep.

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Raumesh Akbari wins House District 91 special election

Ballot access scores symbolic victory Voters in part of Shelby County went to the polls in a special election that was called after the late Rep. Lois DeBerry passed away. Democratic Party nominee Raumesh Akbari, an attorney, won handily over

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Election Day in Memphis

While it seems like there’s been some kind of voting, early or otherwise, happening in Shelby County on most days over the past several weeks, today is finally the day when House District 91 voters decide between Democratic Party nominee

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