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Election Day 2016 Links with Commentary

It’s tempting to start with the election for president, but that’s a rabbit hole to be saved for later in the post—or maybe for its own post. So here are some musings about local, state, and federal elections. Ballot initiatives

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Good, let’s debate

The 25th Senate District seat has an atypically high number of higher-profile contenders for its GOP primary election. Rep. Joshua G. Evans, former Sen. Kerry Roberts, Sen. Jim Summerville, and Wayne White want to be the nominee. These candidates will

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Holleman folds in game of 21

Nashville-Davidson Metro Councilman Jason Holleman bowed out of the race for an open Senate seat created by Sen. Douglas Henry’s retirement, reports Pith in the Wind. His exit leaves attorney Jeff Yarbro and progressive activist Mary Mancini.

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Pizza, stalkers, Godwin’s law, and gerbils

The fundraiser for Sen. Stacey Campfield that was mistakenly announced via state email accounts, was denied by the venue owner to have ever been requested, and was subsequently moved to another location, today gets explained by Campfield in a post

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Closing a strange chapter in state history

Sen. Charlotte Burks announced over the weekend that she will not seek re-election in 2014. Burks, who has represented the 15th District since 1998, came to serve in office in a most unusual way: she was written-in by voters after

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