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Good, let’s debate

The 25th Senate District seat has an atypically high number of higher-profile contenders for its GOP primary election. Rep. Joshua G. Evans, former Sen. Kerry Roberts, Sen. Jim Summerville, and Wayne White want to be the nominee. These candidates will participate in a debate Thursday evening at 5937 Smiley Hollow Rd in Goodlettsville at 5:30 p.m.

Rep. Evans has four Republicans and a lone Democrat vying to replace him in the House (District 66). The GOP candidates are Brock Brewer, Matt Burnett, Sabi (Doc) Kumar, and Chris Orndorff. They also will debate at tonight’s event.

Michael Lotfi, Tennessee Tenth Amendment Center Executive Director, and Sen. Mae Beavers will moderate the debates.

(Aside: I don’t know if I’ve seen a better description for a gaggle of politicians on the stump than “Smiley Hollow.” Heh.)

Closing a strange chapter in state history

Sen. Charlotte Burks announced over the weekend that she will not seek re-election in 2014. Burks, who has represented the 15th District since 1998, came to serve in office in a most unusual way: she was written-in by voters after her husband, the late Sen. Tommy Burks, was murdered by his opponent, Byron Looper.

Looper, who had legally changed his middle name to “(Low Tax),” went to prison for his crime, where he died earlier this year after suffering what officials called a “heart incident.”

CharlotteBurksCharlotte Burks’ retirement signals the end of this story, but the epic into which it’s woven continues as before. There’s just something quite moving about a widow serving in her late husband’s office at the request of his former constituents.

The retirement also could place yet another Senate seat within reach of Republican control, as Cookeville Mayor Matt Swallows has already announced his intent to run; at this time no other candidates are known.

New for November, the Nooga voter guides has again collaborated with to produce voter guides for the 2012 election in Hamilton County, Tennessee.* Click the logo to get started.

The guides include the following races and ballot measures:

  • President & Vice President
  • U.S. Senate
  • U.S. House – District 3
  • U.S. House – District 4


  • State Senate – District 10
  • State House – District 26
  • State House – District 27
  • State House – District 28
  • State House – District 29
  • State House – District 30


  • Chattanooga City Charter

*Note: voters outside Hamilton County but in Tennessee can find all their state and federal candidates listed right here on the Tennessee Ticket voter guides.

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