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There’s not an app for that—yet

Imagine this scenario: You go to a website, briefly register for an account, and up pops a form, like a ballot, that shows each office that you will vote on in the next election: statewide offices, plus your congressional district,

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Write-in vote: Would you choose Carter or Coppinger for Hamilton County?

Hopefully, dear Hamilton County readers, you were able to attend, watch reports about, read about, or read Twitter updates from tonight’s forum at Red Bank High School. If so, your thoughts on which candidate should receive the mayoral appointment are

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Write-in vote: Is the new school board retirement plan audacious?

The Hamilton County Board of Education on Tuesday voted to institute retirement pay for its members. The plan covers outgoing members Chester Bankston (who was elected to the Hamilton County Commission), Janice Boydston, and Kenny Smith. Board members Everett Fairchild

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Write-in vote: Should public university employees make political endorsements?

Bruce Pearl, head basketball coach at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, has endorsed Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam for governor, and is currently on a statewide tour where the two are appearing jointly in get-out-the-vote rallies. (For any local readers

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Write-in vote: should election commissioners make campaign contributions?

Tom Humphrey reported Monday that the normally routine bill that extends the existence of the Tennessee Election Commission has hit a snag: Legislation to continue the existence of the State Election Commission was shelved by the House on Monday night

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