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A Page from the book of campaign trail insights

Former long-shot independent U.S. Senate candidate Danny Page sent a thank-you to his supporters that included this tidbit of revelation:

The campaign on the outside looked like a meager attempt to unseat a career politician that needed to be unseated. On the outside it was ludicrous and unfruitful. As humans we look on the outward appearance and I’ll agree that on the outside it was sad. What I happened to be privy to is the inside; the inside fruit that was produced both in my spirit and in hundreds if not thousands of others. Personally I moved from being a hard line “my way or the highway” conservative to an American hell bent but heaven sent to fight for your liberty no matter where you fall on the political scale. I learned full well that America is a land of the free, a bastion of liberty and we must maintain that for future generations. If we choose not to embrace liberty, if we don’t want liberty, we must keep this Republic so that the next generation can make the choice to enjoy liberty for themselves.

(emphasis added)

Page, an electrician by trade, is an example of someone answering the call for ordinary citizens to enter the electoral process. He didn’t come close to winning, but it seems he learned a bit along the way. If he can do it, so can you.

The knock-on effect is that those in Page’s circle of influence might be more apt to examine future election contestants beyond just what’s presented on the surface. If more people sign up as serious participants on the ballot, then that groundswell of informed, critically-thinking voters only grows.

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Turnout for what, indeed

Tennessee can claim to be better than Texas at several things, but this one is a dubious honor: the Volunteer State’s 2014 voter turnout was estimated 49th in the nation by FiveThirtyEight, right behind Mississippi’s and ahead of only Texas’.

The state with the highest anticipated turnout percentage? Maine, followed by Wisconsin and Alaska.

Pith in the Wind has the chart.

The next available chance to redeem ourselves will be sometime in the first quarter of 2016—tentatively March 1st, which is when “Super Tuesday” is likely to occur. (That’s along with, bizarrely enough, the Hamilton County Assessor of Property election. You know that will draw out the voters.)

Let’s do better, shall we?

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Unbeaten Lamar

In case you didn’t see it, here’s video of U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander’s acceptance speech.

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Vote, Tennessee!

Don’t forget or abandon your privileged duty today.

A few resources for finding out where to vote and who’s running:

  • – Great new site from the Tennessee Secretary of State. Use the web app or download a mobile app for your preferred OS
  • election guide – Just enter your address and find links to information about the candidates. Best results are for Chattanooga and Hamilton County voters.
  •’s Politics section has links to several area voter guides

Inform yourself and vote. In that order. Thanks!

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Fleischmann, Headrick face off again

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