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Win or lose, family ties

Andy Sher examines a rich swathe of Tennessee’s political history by stacking-up Weston Wamp’s bid for the Third District seat his father recently held against the fortunes of other politicians’ sons and daughters. One forgets just how many names in

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A decade in Tennessee politics: Turning a redder shade of purple

The first decade of the twenty-first century is ending, and though there is no rule that says retrospectives must be timed to coincide neatly with flips of pages in man-made calendars, such is, in practice, when they are written. Following

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‘Curbing’ their enthusiasm: Vice President Biden rallies Tennessee Democrats

The conventional wisdom on midterm elections says it’s not going to be an easy year for Democrats in Tennessee (or many other places). But by all available accounts, there was no damper on the optimism at the state party’s annual

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