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Berke answers some budget questions

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Seven of nine

Here are the winners in Tuesday’s elections for Chattanooga City Council: District 1 – Chip Henderson District 2 – Jerry Mitchell District 3 – Ken Smith District 5 – Russell Gilbert District 6 – Carol Berz District 7 – Chris

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Keenly aware

(Programming Note: Gentle reader, you are not forgotten. Being a grownup calls for occasionally having to put down the blogging toys for uncomfortable stretches of time.) Meanwhile, the Chattanooga municipal elections are charging past at a good clip, and I

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A Capitol farewell

For a variety of reasons, a number of Tennessee state legislators will not be returning to take part in the 108th General Assembly next term. Some have lost primary elections, while others have decided not to run for re-election. Two

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Democrats unite behind Paul Smith at fundraiser

Even though some of the local Democratic Party faithful expressed their displeasure with Chairman Paul Smith by refusing to attend, the Choo Choo Imperial Ballroom was fairly filled with cheering supporters on Wednesday at the party’s annual Kefauver Dinner. Organizers

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