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Brooks and Dunn among potential Woodson replacement contenders

No, this is not the same as Tim McGraw making noises about running for governor, or Hank Williams Jr. threatening to challenge U.S. Sen. Bob Corker. We’re talking about Reps. Harry Brooks and Bill Dunn, whose names appear among several

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Drive like a senator

The Nissan Leaf has hit production, and notable Tennessee politicos are among the first to acquire the all-electric vehicle. U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander got his today, and said that following his example “would be the single best way to reduce

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A decade in Tennessee politics: Turning a redder shade of purple

The first decade of the twenty-first century is ending, and though there is no rule that says retrospectives must be timed to coincide neatly with flips of pages in man-made calendars, such is, in practice, when they are written. Following

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