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Knox race at sixes and sevens over residency issue (updated)

Knox County Democratic Party chair Gloria Johnson announced her candidacy for the Senate District 6 race, and almost immediately fell into a swirl of controversy over her eligibility to hold the seat. Records published by the Knox County Election Commission

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Tea Party, once icy, now sweet on Corker

Corker unlikely to face serious opposition from left or right A story by Jeff Woods in the Nashville City Paper says the Tea Party’s attacks on U.S. Sen. Bob Corker have diminished due to “Corker’s outrage over federal spending and

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‘Curbing’ their enthusiasm: Vice President Biden rallies Tennessee Democrats

The conventional wisdom on midterm elections says it’s not going to be an easy year for Democrats in Tennessee (or many other places). But by all available accounts, there was no damper on the optimism at the state party’s annual

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Gubernatorial debate roundup

Here are some reactions to and rundowns of tonight’s statewide gubernatorial debate: The AP story on WRCB The Post Politics liveblog @RonRamsey Tennessee Democratic Party chair Chip Forrester Andy Sher’s Times Free Press story A roundup within a roundup I’ll

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