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Special election update: Senate District 18

The 18th District of the Tennessee Senate comprises Robertson and Sumner Counties, both of which border Kentucky and both of which, of more political importance, help to form the “collar” of counties surrounding the state capital. The district has been

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The powered of the county

The 2010 elections now are fading into memory, and the national campaigns for 2012 have already begun, so this seems as good a time as any to assess Chattanooga’s clout as measured by the roles our elected officials will be

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The Tenn. eleven, two by two

I have created a page that lists the whole congressional delegation for the 112th Congress, which begins in January. The information listed with each member will be enhanced to include, among other things, campaign finance disclosures, voting records, and full

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It ain’t unity if you’re suin’ me

Lou Ann Zelenik tells her Facebook fans why she did not join the Sixth Congressional District Republican unity rally following state Sen. Diane Black’s narrow victory in the August 5 primary: Aegis in conjunction with Diane Black initiated this lawsuit.

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Deputy Speaker of the Senate endorses Speaker of the Senate

Tennessee Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey said he welcomes an endorsement by Sen. Bill Ketron in the GOP gubernatorial primary: “I’ve known Senator Ketron for a long time and I’ve been able to rely heavily on him when it comes to

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