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Minor parties continue to challenge ballot access laws

The Constitution Party of Tennessee and the Green Party of Tennessee have filed suit in federal court to ask that an earlier ruling which gave them a rather tenuous hold on ballot access be upheld; and that other provisions be

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Quick updates

What do you know? They’re acting like they’re having an actual congressional race in the 9th District Memphis. (HT: @Kontji) The Green Party often attracts self-described progressive Democrats. And about as often, it seems, they return whence they came. (HT:

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Steck in the middle with you (Greens)

The Tennessee Secretary of State’s office has published the list of minor party candidates for the November election. They’re all together on a separate file from the Republican, Democratic, and independent candidates. All but one of the candidates are nominees

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It’s a tad easier being Green

For the first* time in recent memory (1968, if I read my history right**), voters in some Tennessee legislative districts will see a party label next to candidates’ names other than (DEM) or (REP). Over objections from attorneys for the

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State plans appeal of minor party ruling, seeks stay

UPDATE: The stay is denied. (Original post follows)

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