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Turning Chattanooga bluer?

It’s just a minor detail, I suppose, but I couldn’t get out of any activists was which races would be targeted, or who would be running for any of them. I was told that some announcements would be coming later

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Labor contractions

At their most recent Kefauver Dinner, Hamilton County Democrats were ecstatic that relations with local and state trade union leaders had been improved. Activist Jane Bowen had been seen as chiefly instrumental in “bringing Labor in,” as one unnamed party

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Top Tales for Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Gentle reader, here are some of the latest stories in Tennessee politics. The Hamilton County Democratic Party holds its annual Kefauver Dinner fundraiser tonight at the Chattanooga Choo Choo Imperial Ballroom. The keynote speaker will be U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen,

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Quick updates

What do you know? They’re acting like they’re having an actual congressional race in the 9th District Memphis. (HT: @Kontji) The Green Party often attracts self-described progressive Democrats. And about as often, it seems, they return whence they came. (HT:

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Fleischmann, local Democrats respond to the Supreme Court ruling on Arizona law

U.S Rep. Chuck Fleischmann’s office sent the following: Congressman Chuck Fleischmann made the following statement after the Supreme Court upheld part of Arizona’s S.B 1070 law, while striking down other provisions. “The Supreme Court decision today underscores the need for

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