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Seven of nine

Here are the winners in Tuesday’s elections for Chattanooga City Council: District 1 – Chip Henderson District 2 – Jerry Mitchell District 3 – Ken Smith District 5 – Russell Gilbert District 6 – Carol Berz District 7 – Chris

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Repo, man

It may be grammatically correct, yet a communication fault that is common enough in normal years, but during the decennial redistricting reaches deplorable levels, is the possessive pronoun (or proper noun) as precursor to the word “district.” “His district.” “Congresswoman

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Opinion: A recall will not solve our problems

For several months, Chattanooga residents have heard about the effort to recall Mayor Ron Littlefield—and more recently, to add City Council members Jack Benson and Manuel Rico as recall targets. The August election provided a means for the organizers to

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