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The week in headlines

About as unannounced as a DUI checkpoint Republicans are “bracing themselves” (seriously?) for a campaign announcement by Kevin Kookogey, who says he will not attend any more “Beat Lamar” vetting sessions because he is an “unannounced candidate.” Karma ‘coma Trace

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Cooper: Make Congress pass budget or forgo pay

U.S. Rep. Jim Cooper of Tennessee’s 5th Congressional District, in a press release posted by Tom Humphrey, says he has filed a bill that would require Congress to pass its annual spending measure by the deadline if members want to

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Strictly redistricting (say that five times really fast)


While several states have adopted new district maps, and more are in the approval process, Tennessee’s redistricting progress is slowed by partisanship and secrecy. Here are some thoughts about what we do know at this point.

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Win or lose, family ties

Andy Sher examines a rich swathe of Tennessee’s political history by stacking-up Weston Wamp’s bid for the Third District seat his father recently held against the fortunes of other politicians’ sons and daughters. One forgets just how many names in

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The Tenn. eleven, two by two

I have created a page that lists the whole congressional delegation for the 112th Congress, which begins in January. The information listed with each member will be enhanced to include, among other things, campaign finance disclosures, voting records, and full

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