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Raumesh Akbari wins House District 91 special election

Ballot access scores symbolic victory Voters in part of Shelby County went to the polls in a special election that was called after the late Rep. Lois DeBerry passed away. Democratic Party nominee Raumesh Akbari, an attorney, won handily over

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Election Day in Memphis

While it seems like there’s been some kind of voting, early or otherwise, happening in Shelby County on most days over the past several weeks, today is finally the day when House District 91 voters decide between Democratic Party nominee

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Federal court ruling allows Tomasik to run as Libertarian Party candidate

The same judge who in 2012 declared parts of the state’s ballot access laws unconstitutional has issued an injunction requiring the Shelby County Election Commission to list Jim Tomasik as a Libertarian Party candidate in the upcoming House District 91

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Minor parties continue to challenge ballot access laws

The Constitution Party of Tennessee and the Green Party of Tennessee have filed suit in federal court to ask that an earlier ruling which gave them a rather tenuous hold on ballot access be upheld; and that other provisions be

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House District 91 Democratic Party primary preview

The special election for the Tennessee House of Representatives 91st District drew an unusually rich slate of Democratic Party hopefuls, says Jackson Baker, who delights in an apparent lack of “slackers or fakers or opportunists.” Bill Dries also encapsulated the

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