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Dust settles on bleak landscape after campaign shake-up

I hope you enjoyed the excitement Tuesday morning when Rep. Joe Carr announced he will run against U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander. It was possibly the most we will experience until, oh, the 2018 gubernatorial race.

My guess is that Carr will not be the only one to try. Either Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett or Kevin Kookogey will jump in too, and you will see the pattern we have all come to recognize taking shape. Think Corker vs. Hilleary vs. Bryant. Or Haslam vs. Wamp vs. Ramsey. Or even Fincher vs. Flinn vs. Kirkland.

Stalwarts in the political consulting and advising business abandoned Carr like his campaign was Dick Van Dyke’s car, and returned to more temperate establishment climes. That leaves Carr to, perhaps, fill the void with folks who are long on eagerness and short on professionalism.

The run-up to the primary won’t be thrilling; it will be bitter, shallow, and shrill. Alexander will win it, and will then sail past whatever tumbleweeds and ghosts might be on the general election ballot as a Democrat and independents.

Down-ballot, it’s also time to go on autopilot. The only congressional race that was going to be interesting at all just turned into a walk for Sen. Jim Tracy. I know people were already counting out Carr in that one, but it was early yet. Now it’s early and it’s over.

What happened on Tuesday was like a minor earthquake. It was kind of intense, but short-lived; and even though some things shifted, there was no major damage.

It is going to be a long year or three.

Campaign updates from St. Elmo and…Murfreesboro

Tracy tries to make it a Dunn deal: A day before the re-elected incumbent (U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlais) was sworn into office for his second congressional term, state Sen. Jim Tracy of Shelbyville officially announced his candidacy for the Fourth District seat. More from Cara Kumari.

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Winslow v. Saltsman, Fleischmann, and the Tennessee GOP: Mark Winslow, as the Tennessean points out, is a former state party employee. But he’s also the current State Executive Committeeman for District 19, and he has added his party to the lawsuit that alleges defamation, claiming that party officials surreptitiously availed Chip Saltsman of Winslow’s confidential records.

One of these guys needs to get rights to a clip of Sofia Vergara yelling “Manny! Chris Anderson and Karl Epperson, two of the District 7 candidates challenging Chattanooga City Councilman Manny Rico, each described to the Chamber of Commerce why he would be a better representative than the incumbent. Rico defended. More from James Harrison.

Congressional race roundup, District Four

District 4

The biggest news from the significantly redesigned 4th District is that the man considered the chief architect and beneficiary of the new map, Sen. Bill Ketron of Murfreesboro, apparently doesn’t think he can “cut the mustard” and take down U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlais. Ketron announced that he will not run for the GOP nomination after all.

Earlier, Sen. Jim Tracy of Shelbyville also put to rest any speculation that he, too, might have been looking at the seat. (One knowledgeable commentator has asserted that Tracy never really had his eye on it.)

So does that leave DesJarlais with a clear path to re-election? Not so fast, says state Sen. Eric Stewart, a Democrat whose campaign is receiving a bit of national attention.

This one will be a race to watch. Provided no other well-armed candidate gets in, there could be a close battle between DesJarlais and Stewart. The gut sense is that the Republican prevails, but if Stewart plays the right cards and does it well (and has help from outside the district), there’s a chance he could retake the district for his party.