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Friday press conferences

Watch or read your favorite news outlets in the morning, as there will be political updates.

On the local front here in Hamilton County, candidate for sheriff Chris Harvey says he’ll make an announcement at the Hamilton County Election Commission at 10:00 a.m. concerning the future of his campaign. Former Chattanooga police chief Bobby Dodd recently joined the race, in which Sheriff Jim Hammond is running for re-election.

Looking statewide, there will be a media event in Nashville featuring Terry Adams, a Democrat who’s running for U.S. Senate. (I like Chas Sisk’s implied advice for new candidates: hold a press conference, and invite all kinds of media.)

Any other announcements?

Carr camp: Lamar’s ad buy an attempt to put the brakes on us

U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander’s re-election campaign today announced that a 60-second ad will begin airing on Tennessee televisions next week. Here’s the ad, followed by an abridged media announcement.

Lamar Alexander’s re-election campaign today announced the launch of its first 2014 television advertisement “Standing Up for Tennessee.”

The ad features Tennesseans describing how Lamar’s conservative, principled leadership has strengthened the state. Shane Reeves voices the frustration of thousands of Tennessee business owners concerned about Obamacare saying, “Lamar stands up strong against Obamacare. He’s a thinking conservative, who is serious about solving problems.”

Other Tennesseans attest to Lamar’s role in recruiting good paying auto jobs and protecting the rights of fishermen. A songwriter, college students and Lamar’s sons provide their perspective on the positive influence of his leadership. An elementary school principal reminds us of his famous walk across the state and recounts how he continues to listen to Tennesseans.

The 60-second television spot airs statewide beginning Jan. 13.

A couple hours later, the Joe Carr campaign asserted that Alexander must have hastily put together the ad purchase in order to stem perceived momentum from Carr’s recent fundraising announcement. Here is their release:

In what can only be described as an attempt to slow the momentum of conservative Joe Carr’s primary challenge, Senator Lamar Alexander’s campaign has reserved approximately $400,000 worth of early television advertising scheduled to begin next week.

The media buy comes on the heels of a string of bad news for Senator Alexander’s campaign. A recent Vanderbilt University poll showed a staggering 20% decline in Senator Alexander’s approval rating among voters who identify with the Tea Party — and an overall approval rating under 50% – the lowest number of any statewide elected official in Tennessee. Other publicly released polling has showed Senator Alexander receiving only 46% of the vote in the Republican primary – a remarkably low number for a candidate who is well known to voters after a 40 year career in Tennessee politics.

Most recently, the Carr campaign reported a surge in campaign donations, bringing in $250,000 for the most recent fundraising quarter. Additionally, Carr received contributions from all 95 counties in Tennessee, as well as 43 of 50 states resulting in over 1000 donors in the 4th quarter.

“I think Senator Alexander is finally starting to realize that he made a mistake when he announced to Washington media outlets that he was going to run hard against the Tea Party in Tennessee. Now that it is obvious that strategy has backfired, he’s forced to spend several hundred thousand dollars in an attempt to rescue his plummeting poll numbers. But no amount of money or slick TV ads can disguise the fact that Lamar is a career politician with a record of selling out Tennessee conservatives,” said Joe Carr.

Lenard says she is only ‘sensible’ candidate in U.S. Senate race

The Washington Times published, in its “Hip Hop Republicans” section, a profile of Brenda Lenard, one of the lesser-known GOP candidates seeking to upset U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander in 2014.

Lenard is campaigning as the only sensible choice for the state of Tennessee, and she has 10 months to convince Tennesseans of this.

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